Ganadarpan was established in the year 1977 and from 1985 along with its other activities, decided to work in a very specific field, that is to motivate individuals in our society to donate their bodies after death for the promotion of medical science.

Working entirely on a voluntary basis, a great deal of ground has been covered till date.

A programme is already on, at colleges of West Bengal for Awareness Campaign, for Donation of Human Bodies. Ganadarpan has been entrusted to convey the message to every corner of the country. On this occasion the following interrelated set of activities will be carried on :

Printing of Information materials, Newsletters, Posters, Brochures, Year Planner, etc. will be done for the said purpose.

In a word, to translate this Herculean task of motivating the entire society for the cause, Ganadarpan has pledged to serve its best.

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