An Appeal

Donate Tissues & Organs To Save Moribund < 11 April, 2013 >

You are aware that on February and March 2012, four numbers of kidneys were retrieved from the two Deceased Donors and were successfully transplanted to four moribund patients. However amongst them, one succumbed, while other three are living in good health. The two recipients of those kidneys are economically downtrodden and therefore, not in a position to continue Post Operative medicines. Ganadarpan from its project, Organ Tissue Transplantation Coordination Centre (OTCOCEN), provided the cost of post-operative measures. It has also supported one person on, recommendation of the Nephrology Department of IPGME&R. Many economically poor people are regularly approaching us for getting such benefit. The fund has been built up with the contribution of Sri Ranajit Kumar Dutta of New York, Dr.Subir Dutta, Smt Rupali Dutta, Dr. Ashok Chowdhury, Shri Shameek Bandopadhyay Tripti Chowdhuri and many others. So we solicit your continuous support and co-operation to these helpless persons. The Donation made for this will be exempted from Income Tax U/S 80G of I.T. Act The details of Bank Account of Ganadarpan’s project, Organ Tissue Transplantation Coordination Centre ( OTCOCEN) is given below, which should be taken care while donations will be made through cheque /demand draft/bank transfer. Name of the Account: GANADARPAN A/C OTCOCEN Address: Kolkata-700025 Bank: United Bank of India Branch: Harish Mukherjee Road IFSC: UTB 10 HMR 145 A/C No: SB 0093010184641 PAN-AATG6756F

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